Korting ipad air 2 battery replacement video

korting ipad air 2 battery replacement video

of its ZIF connector. Edit Slide a plastic card underneath the center of the logic board, pushing it in as far as it will. Edit Throughout the following procedure, you'll be sliding thin plastic cards between the battery and rear case of the iPad, to separate the adhesive securing the battery. Edit Insert a plastic card underneath the logic board. Edit Detach the volume button petpost korting cable connector by prying it straight up from its socket. Edit Remove the battery.

Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes, and be careful not to damage the LCD screen. Edit Bring the left opening pick around the top left corner of the tablet. Edit Insert a plastic opening tool underneath the logic board, inside the rectangular cut out, and gently pry the logic board. iframe id"dozuki-embed-47287" src"m/Guide/embed/47287/full" width"800" allowfullscreen iframe src"m/Guide/embed/47287" width"800" height"584" allowfullscreen Preview View Statistics: Past 24 Hours: 100 Past 7 Days: 707 Past 30 Days: 3,252 All Time: 66,522). Move the iOpener to the right (away from the rear-facing camera and keep it there for another 90 seconds. Select a Language: Deutsch, english, espaol, fran├žais, italiano, nederlands, portugus. Edit Remove the four.6 mm Phillips screws attaching the lightning port to the rear case. Edit Use the iOpener to apply heat to the bottom edge of the iPad.

You will likely need to repeat this step several times throughout the rest of the procedure to ensure the adhesive remains soft. A good rule of thumb is to never insert the opening pick more than a quarter inch (6 mm) into the iPad. Edit If your display glass is cracked, keep further breakage contained and prevent bodily harm during your repair by taping the glass. Insert an opening pick underneath the Lightning cable where it meets the logic board. Edit Use a spudger to gently pry up the antenna cables from their sockets. Also includes the re-assembly at 6:22 into the video.

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