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Korea to bson.A. Issued as a propoganda parody after the German navy attached the sea ports of Scarborough, Hartlepool korting yankee doodle drachten and Whitby in December 1914. Go To War '.

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Near mint narvik sheild IN gilt with full backing. Inert Active Service Pocket Book. Escape Club and Dunkirk Veterans blazer badges. In good condition with some minor moth tracking to crown. Rare original SS 4 year service medal with ribbon. The cross is slightly domed, and sits quite proud of being flat. 39pgs of optimistic advice on tank destruction including sections on the ' Sticky Bomb ' and the ' Harvey Flamethrower '. 1915 rnas Training Manual. A good example of a WW1 German Model 1913 Rifle Grenade. Containing either Ammonal or Nobels 704 the grenade was nalys kortingsbon intiated by pressure onto the striker plate breaking the capsules of the.27 igniter and detonating the explosive. One of the iconic symbols of the Troubles in Northern Ireland where it was widely deployed in what was euphemistically called crowd control. A good example of a Mothers Cross in silver, with its full length ribbon, and its original titled packet.